The Licentiate in Sacred Theology is provided in conjunction with the various Archdiocese, Diocese and Provinces of the Abyssinian Apostolic Church and is administered in European-style. Each of the major disciplines requires the study and research of several texts, along with academic papers consisting of specific requirements. Throughout the program, the student is required to present themselves before the Colloquy for critique and evaluation of academic progress.

Total Credit Requirement: 144 credits
Prerequisite: High School Diploma or GED
Program Tuition: $2,500.00
Colloquy: $500 | 3 credits per year (9 credits total)
Academic Paper: 15 credits
Graduation: $225

Introduction to the Diaconate3
Introduction to the Priesthood3
Early Church History3
Church Hierarchical Structure3
The Divine Liturgy3
Sacraments of the Church3 + 3
Catechism of the Abyssinian Apostolic Church3
Doctrines of the Ancient Church3
Liturgical Theology & Liturgicals3 + 3

NOTE: some courses require the student to attend brief Resident Intensives and Symposiums


Hebrew: 9 credits
___Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
___Intermediate Biblical Hebrew
___Advanced Biblical Hebrew
___Reading the Torah and Talmud

Greek: 9 credits
___Introduction to Biblical Greek
___Intermediate Biblical Greek
___Advanced Biblical Greek
___Reading the Septuagint

Church Fathers: 9 credits
___Anti-Nicean Fathers
___Nicean Fathers
___Post-Nicean Fathers 

Theology: 9 credits
___Systematic Theology I
___Systematic Theology II
___ The Catechism of the Church
___Ancient Church Theology

Church History: 9 credits
___The Apostolic Church
___The Reformation
___Early Church History
___Africentric Church History

Foundations: 12 credits
___The Nature of the Church
___The Purpose of the Church
___The Mission of the Church
___The Ministry of the Church
MINISTERIAL STUDIES Ministerial Functions: 15 credits
___Duties of the Diaconate
___Duties of the Priesthood
___The Duties and Ministry of Bishops
___Sacraments of the Church
___Church Governmental Structures
___The Divine Liturgy
Electives: 9 credits choose 3
___Religious Themes in Media
___Branches of Christian Theology
___Introduction to Canon Law
___Sacred Music
___Guided Readings 

NOTEupon successful completion of the Licentiate Program, the student may pursue either a Masters of Sacred Theology or a Masters of Divinity.